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Northumberland Youth Service    (9 October, 2013)

Northumberland Youth Service would like to introduce their team of workers, Sarah, Lee, Hayley, Billy,Ian, Roni and Mike, as the faces you may see in and around Bedlington, delivering opportunities for young people.  If you are thirteen to nineteen years of age, then come along to the youth club at Dr Pit Park, every Wednesday form 6-7.30pm.

At the Youth Club you'll meet experienced, DBS checked and trained youth workers, dedicated to providing opportunities for young people.  This includes the latest work , training and apprentice opportunities, funding opportunities, exciting and rewarding challenges, as well as a place you can catch up with your friends, play a game of pool or ping pong and receive advice and guidance.  Our latest opportunity which starts on Tuesday 15th October is a girls group, also based a Dr Pit Park at hte same times.

Youth Clubs are based around young people and their ideas! We are the ones that do our best to help you ( when realistic) see it happen! You can also find Sarah and Lee around Bedlington High School delivering informal education and school drop in's, ready to hear the thoughts of young people! Failing that, you can also catch some of the team out every Friday in and around Bedlington on detached, ready to hear your thoughts and ideas! Remember that even when it doesn't seem like it, there are always opportunities around! A couple of the latest opportunities on offer are enterprise activities, including residential stays, youth cabinet, £100 challenges and much more!  Come find the youth workers for more information!

or contact Mike Kelcey on 01670 620320 or email michael.kelcey@northumberland.gov.uk for details on our youth offer and opportunities for volunteers

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